“The most invasive apps: which apps are sharing your personal data?”

Top three: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


@przemek surprised IG is higher than FB and by significant margin

@przemek and how can WhatsApp not be on there? WhatsApp should definitely be near the top.

@aspie4K They didn’t include messaging apps in this comparison as it’s only for social apps. There’s other table in the article with WhatsApp in it.

@przemek hmm the messenger one isn’t properly detailed like that graph, but not surprising Signal is at the top of safest messengers. I also think this one is a bit misleading since it doesn’t give the details like the main graph does. So for example Telegram chats are in the cloud, Signal chats are E2EE. Yet they both say 0% data collection.

@przemek I haven’t been aware that LinkedIn is like Facebook. They do some camouflage; wanna be like professional service for corporate user and HR. But they seems to be ordinary social network which earns money on clickbaits and profiling of users.

@szczezuja I was surprised too. I was positively surprised by some other companies like Underarmor with their MyFitnessPal, which I thought will be much worse taking in consideration all data they could have access to (they literary know what you ate what time and from which shop it came). The list is not perfect, but it's good to see other less popular services for comparison. Most people only think about Fb, Google, Amazon, but other companies are invasive as well.

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