One of reasons I love is . From its neon shopfronts to its distinctive U-Bahn signs, Berlin is filled with stunning typography and letterforms.

I just received a book by Jesse Simon “Berlin typography”. Lovely published, with hundreds of photos, and text in both English and German. I pre-ordered it a year ago and completely forgot, so it is a really nice surprise. :)


Yay! My website has qualified to 512kb club.
Half of its weight are actually fonts ;-)

space is much bigger than I initially thought; I am very pleased I discovered it.

Today I am tidying up my capsule. I am not sure of its structure, but I am going leave for time being.


I should be asleep. I am in bed editing the website on my mobile instead. Now my website works on Kindle. ;-)

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uk census information for lgbtq+ folks 

via twitter:
The Census is coming. For any LGBT+ person who is not out you can over-write any information submitted about you via a individual access code at

No-one in your household will be notified about your changes.

Here is a short note on how to make Raspberry Pi 400 use UWHD 3440×1140 screen resolution.

It works with iiyama Red Eagle and Samsung monitors.

I wrote a short step-by-step manual on how to install browser on Raspberry Pi.

Kristall is a small browser supporting several protocols, including , and .

I have managed to edit /boot/config.txt so now Raspberry Pi 400 can do full screen ultra wide 3440×1440 on iiyama G-MASTER GB3461WQSU-B1 monitor.

hdmi_cvt=3440 1440 60 7 0 0 1

HDMI port closer to the microSD card must be used.

Now I can't stop playing with it.

Here is my website viewed in Lynx on iPad through SimplePi app. I coded it in plain HTML and CSS without any bells and whistles and it actually works and is fully functional. :D

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Just noticed Tusky on my Android phone doesn't render BLACK STAR u+2605. Weird…

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OK, time for .

Today is Upper Body 1 day:
🟊 db chest press (0°)
🟊 db pullover (bench)
🟊 db pec flyes
🟊 db lateral rises
🟊 db overhead press
🟊 pull-ups
🟊 db bicep curls
🟊 dips


It is really hard to buy a good wireless keyboard in UK with US layout.

Almost no one sells them and buying from abroad is not an option because of the customs.

I have found one on Amazon, marked as used in a very good condition in original packaging; probably returned because of its layout.

I keep switching layouts to type in Polish, but it is a bit annoying as I keep forgetting which layout I am on. I do not use £ as much as one would think, at least not that often as @.

Moja lista życzeń (kolejność dowolna):

1. Wycofać religię ze szkół i z budżetu
2. Likwidacja etatów kapelanów w instytucjach publicznych
3. Brak klauzuli sumienia w publicznej ochronie zdrowia
4. Bez symboli religijnych w urzędach i instytucjach publicznych
5. Likwidacja Funduszu Kościelnego
6. Usunąć z kk obrazę uczuć religijnych
7. Wypowiedzenie konkordatu
8. Niezalena komisja, która zajmie się odpowiedzialnością KK za przemoc seksualną księży wobec dzieci

Got myself a small present: Raspberry Pi 400 (same as 4, but itʼs integrated into a keyboard).

Made most of today's nice weather. Now I need food…

And hereʼs my heavy-duty (mostly Neue Deutsche Härte):

My top features built-in into the (no extension or plugins required):

– ads and tracking blocker
– mail client
– RSS reader
– Notes – simple rich text editor
– sidebar with web panels
– tool to capture webpage
– advanced tabs management
– customisable mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts
– quick commands
– image properties
– task manager
– detailed history

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Drogie, drodzy. Opóźnienie testów usługi e-mail od -a bierze się z niemożności przekonania Outlook (cały MSFT) by przyjmował od nas przesyłki. Gmail i cała reszta działa.

Startujemy testy, czy czekamy, aż big korpo łaskawie dopuści nasz ip?

My jesteśmy gotowi, nie.


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